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Let's Go Home

( Ayo Pulang )

Writter : Erni Hastuti

Publisher : Penerbit Bestari

Year : 2018 

Tole wants to bring the calf home. However, the calf was engrossed in eating in the pasture and refused to come home. Tole tried to pull the calf but it was getting late. The calf remains stubborn.

Kartika's Important Task

( Tugas Penting Kartika )

Writter : Dian Kristiani

Publisher : YLAI

Year : 2018

Kartika has an important task. She will be a bridesmaid at the wedding. However, she had to wear special clothes that she had never worn before. Everything is difficult to wear, making Kartika almost give up. Then, she found a way to easily wear all the clothes. Can you guess Kartika's secret?

How Many?

( Ada Berapa? )

Writter : Faza

Publisher : YLAI

Year : 2018

A group of crocodiles on the riverbank ready to prey on a mouse deer. How will The mouse deer across the river? Will the mouse deer manage to outsmart the hungry crocodiles?

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